Saturday, 12 August 2017

August memories

As we await the arrival of our son, we've been keeping busy trying to stay cool, along with other day to day things.  Here are few pictures from my phone.


Great brothers in Christ : Michael, Steven, Nathan.

Pool days in the living room.

And yes, sometimes I join her.  This photo is currently my phone lock screen cover.  I love the colors and the beauty in the middle!

Night in an air-conditioned hotel - thank you Tonio!!! 38 weeks pregnant.

Our little princess at PapiMamieLand!

And she sometimes becomes a kitty cat.

Onsies for "tiny brother."

Too hot in her bedroom.  She took over my side of the bed at 6:30am.

Pool near our home!

Selfie?  What?

Tonio leading worship...

...Daphné dancing.

Undies on the head.  Situation normal, as my good friend Crystal says.

39 weeks pregnant.

Our little Cleopatra. (photo : Pierre)

She's so big!

Love Linz

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My mama friends

Even though we don't see each other all the time, these 2 mamas (Ave and Maki) help keep me sane.  It's pretty cool how we met through an international mom's group when our littles were really littles.  We've continued to meet ever since, and I'm so thankful.

This hang out was at Ave's new home!  Yay Ave!

Ave and Astor.

Daphné and Juli making play dough pies.

Too cute.  They actually play "together" now, instead of play separately next to each other.

A really nice terrace.

The kid zone.

And the balcony on the other side.  So calm and quiet.

Toma and Juli (bro and sis).

Toma photobombs our selfie =)

Music session.

Posing for their album cover.

Ave is a professional concert pianist, so I felt honored when she asked me to tune the guitar.

Eating outside.  We can always count on Maki to have her selfie stick!

Forced snuggles.

"Get me out of here!"

Group shot!

And another just for fun =)

Thanks so much Ave for your hospitality!  I'm so thankful for you girls and your kids.

Love Linz

Friday, 4 August 2017

My husband teaching God's Word

I think my favorite part about being a wife is being my husband's cheerleader.  Believe it or not, I was actually once a cheerleader for 2 years... just in junior high school, but I did the whole bit, the songs, the chants, the dances, the formations, the pom poms.... HA!  You can laugh too.

Anyways, being a cheerleader to my husband is much different than cheering on our little Christian school junior high basketball team.  Duh.

It's a more hidden, more deep support, and much of it is by prayer.  I pray often for my husband that he be the leader God wants him to be for our family and that he grow into the Bible teacher I know God is calling him to be.  So today's cheering is a bit less hidden, a bit more public.

Have you ever heard Tonio teach on a Sunday morning?!!!  You're in luck.  This teaching is in French, but translated by Nancy into English.  You can listen HERE.  He's teaching the end of the book of Hebrews, in particular Hebrews 13:8-25.

A few nuggets, I've taken away from the teaching:
-Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.
-Be careful about "new" ideas about Jesus.
-Jesus is the final sacrifice for my sins... I don't have to offer a goat or lamb every Sunday to be sanctified... Jesus did it once and for all!
-I don't have to do good works to be saved.
- Sing to God!  He loves it!

You can also save the mp3 (by right clicking on "Ecouter") and listen to it later while driving or running or just relaxing at home.  Here is the list of teachings.  This particular one is from July 23, 2017 (23/07/17).

Love Linz

Friday, 28 July 2017

France visits my parents

Living here in Nice, I've made lots of different friends... from all over.  These 4 guys below are 4 of those friends.  Their parents are actively involved in our church here in Nice.  And each of them were at some point (Nathan still is).  Well, they wanted to do some world traveling and road trip the western United States.  I got them in touch with my family, so they stayed with my parents for a few days as one of their stops.

My niece Rowyn, my dad Tim, Thomas (now in Scotland), Nathan (still in Nice), Jonathan (now in Canada), Michael (now in Switzerland).  And a cool thing is this is two sets of brothers (Thomas and Jonathan, Michael and Nathan).

The front yard where I grew up.  Can you spot the crazy van the guys rented for their road trip?  So classic.

The beach is a must when you visit my family.

And of course, my dad took them all out surfing.  I think they had a good time.

And their last night, they went out to dinner with my dad, mom, sister and niece (you may be able to see my sister's belly... she is just 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy with a little boy too... so cool - her hubby was unfortunately on a business trip, so he didn't get to meet the guys).

So, thanks for reading!  Isn't it always fun when our world's collide, when people we love meet each other?!!! 

Love Linz

Pool days

We are so thankful to know people with pools!  Here are some pictures from two different pool days.

Here we are in our little pop-up tent outside the pool at our friend's place.  She lives in a beautiful residence with a beautiful pool - a place that I am praying we can move one day.  Don't you love Daphné's face?!  Haha!!!


This little pool has a really great ramp into the water.

She can be totally autonomous!

Smile into the sun!

So wonderful to be in the water. 

And below is another trip with Mamie to visit Rob and Cricri in Antibes, who have a beautiful pool in their residency.

Fun with Mamie!

So thankful for their relationship.

Mamie and Cricri.


In the little pool.

After a day at the pool.

Love Linz